Is a Tandem right for you?


Raleigh Companion 

Two times the fun! Tandem Cycling is a great way for two people of different abilities to cycle together. Tandems provide a healthy way to maintain fitness (while working out at your own level), and a way to spend uninterrupted time together doings something fun. 

Tandems allow you to ride with a partner and eliminate playing "catch up" or stopping to wait for your riding partner.

 Shared Workout

Tandem bicycling is the one activity allowing optimal workouts for both of you.  Instead of working out alone, holding back or competing head-to-head, you are a team with a common goal.  Particularly with respect to the need to be in step with your "ride-mate" in terms of pedaling, braking, and steering.

Whether riding across town or around the globe, riding a tandem together offers the subtle rewards of teamwork- easy conversation, shared discovery, and mutual accomplishment.




The trailercycle is another great style of tandem.  The trailercycle lets your child learn how to ride while staying safely behind you.  These are a great way to allow younger riders in the family to ride with the adults and keep up.

The unique frame design and extreme adjustability makes it great for taking younger riders along.  Most tandems are with two seats, however 3 seat tandems are known as a triplet.  This additional seat allows kids ages 4 and up to pedal from the back seat.

Burley Kazoo 

Check The Bike Shack when it comes to tandem bicycles.  We want you to have the bike properly fitted to your dimensions, take test rides and ask about a lesson on riding, and the importance of communication when riding together. 

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